Hi! My name is Kathy Nielsen. I grew up in a small town in Iowa and went to business college in Iowa. My work journey started after college in manufacturing. That was my first love. I liked that I could affect change by going out on the floor and “fixing” an issue that was going on. I moved from Production Inventory Control to Customer Service and found my calling there. Over the years as manufacturing started falling to the wayside, I looked for the next industry that nourished the things I was wired to do.

I found the service industry, specifically, Operations. Again, moving up through the ranks of HVAC and Plumbing companies from CSR, Dispatcher, Office Manager, Bookkeeper, and General Manager. This was another industry I could affect change for a customer. (I also happen to be married to a tech who is now a Service Manager.) My knowledge, experience, and exposure to all areas of this service industry sets me apart from many.

My Approach: CSR Bootcamp

When working with a company, it is a “whole house tune-up”! I train Customer Service Representative (CSR’s) all over the country. For years, this was considered an entry level position where any warm body with a decent phone voice would do. I can tell you that today, that trend is changing. This position is the first point of contact with your company, and has a direct, proven link to growing your revenue stream.

We want capable people that we can empower to make decisions to help the customer and increase our promote trust with our business. We already know CSRs sell every day; with my training we redefine what they sell. Let me make this perfectly clear, CSRs sell 100% customer satisfaction. On every call, all day, every day of the week, a CSR is cultivated to enhance customer experience and start the process of building a relationship with your company, by bookings jobs.

The best way to help the customer is to send a trained, professional technician out to solve their problem, and it’s the CSR’s job to get that meeting scheduled. CSR’s are wired to help. They want to help that customer find the right solution to their unique problem. We need them to start the relationship building process and set the tech up for success.

Questions: The Balance

Questions are a good thing—to a point! We don’t want to overwhelm someone calling in by asking, “too many questions” or cause our techs to hear the dreaded, “I told the person on the phone…” We want to make sure we gather all the necessary information to schedule the call and help the customer towards the next step of the buying process.

These are the kinds of things we work on in my CSR Superhero Bootcamp. Helping companies close more jobs.

Want more information or want to host one at your shop for your area? Contact me! Katniels99@outlook.com 515-202-5784