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In the service industry, customers are everything. Kathy Nielsen, “The Chicken Lady,” is proud to have earned numerous positive reviews and testimonials from past clients. Browse Operations Excellence’s testimonials to learn more about how Kathy has helped service industry professionals improve, grow, and take their businesses to the next level. Interested in booking a training or speaking engagement with Kathy? Contact her online or by phone at (515) 293-4834 today.

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“We are a 68 year old company with a lot of processing baggage. We have utilized many different software packages, developed processes & tracking systems for each. We had become inefficient with our office operations and were not utilizing our software effectively. Kathy spent 3 days with us and got us whipped into shape. Kathy made it look easy with no disruption and our team is much happier! Plus, Kathy saved us at a minimum of 10x our investment with her services. Kathy is well worth every penny and we will continue to use her services...Thank You Chicken Lady!”


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  • “Worth every penny”

    “We hired Kathy to come shortly after going live with Service Titan to ensure we knew what we were doing and show us some new best practices when it comes to the software! We got that and more! In addition to training our CSRs, Technicians, and service managers how to most effectively use Service Titan, she went even further with CSR tips, customer service training, and even helping our Service Managers know how to coach their techs more effectively. We could not have had a better 3 day session with Kathy and if you are thinking about hiring her for an onsite visit, Stop thinking and Do it! You will NOT regret any minute of it!”

    Kenneth Willburn

  • Consistency Breeds Accuracy

    “Kathy was just what we needed for our team members in the office and out in the field to understand our systems as a team. She is very knowledgeable and is very thorough with her processes when training. Our team loved her and can't wait to have her back!”

    Patricia W.

  • Helpful

    “Kathy did a great job! She was helpful, knowledgeable and full of great information.”


  • Impactful

    “Kathy is full of knowledge and experience and our short time in her class is and will continue to impact our business. I highly recommend her!”

    LeAnne C

  • Awesome Experience

    “Kathy is an excellent teacher! She was very relatable and shared some great information that is really going to help our business. She kept the class engaged and had us do a lot of interactive training and practice. I highly recommend her services!”

    Matthew Tola

  • Kathy is an expert in payroll systems. She can help you setup efficient systems that will improve the performance or your business and team. Save time and money and avoid mistakes down the line. Highly recommend!

    “Kathy is an expert in payroll systems. She can help you setup efficient systems that will improve the performance or your business and team. Save time and money and avoid mistakes down the line. Highly recommend!”


  • Inspirational

    “Hi Kathy, I feel your training has so many great elements very specific and detailed . Your Witt and character are awesome. I will definitely use all information received so I may incorporate and inspire my CSR'S. Thank You”

    Laura Howard

  • "Rise & Shine"

    “I just came back from attending Kathy Nielsen's CSR Superhero Boot Camp in Dallas Texas. I have to say after attending the boot camp I have a completely different outlook on how to interact with my customers. Kathy is so inspiring, not to mention engaging with all of the class, and you really feel like part of a "team". I am definitely going to continue my training with Kathy I believe in her process and she makes perfect sense! So today I said to myself, "Rise & Shine" I was actually excited to come to work and start utilizing what I had learned from Kathy in her CSR Superhero Bootcamp!!!”

    Amy Hughes

  • Amazing

    “Kathy is a straight shooter. Tells you what you need to Know. No BS!!! I enjoyed getting to know Kathy, very friendly and very knowledgeable.”

    Ryan Corbett

  • Great person and presenter

    “Kathy is an amazing person and a great teacher. We had Kathy come to our location to assist us with our recent transition to ServiceTitan and Quickbooks. Her knowledge of the industry practices, best practices and ways to use ServiceTitan more effectively for us, brought so much peace of mind to our organization. We learned a lot when we did our on boarding process, but Kathy quietly observed how we were using the software and shed light on some of our processes making more sense of things and making them a whole lot easier. Having her onsite and sharing her knowledge with myself our technicians, office staff and a one day mini CSR bootcamp has launched us forward in the program and relieved a lot of stress we were experiencing. It was well worth the investment to better our company by having her spend time with us. Would definitely recommend her to anyone.”

    Chris Wissinger, Korrect Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning

  • Wonderful trainer/teacher

    “What can say I about Kathy her dedication and passion comes through in her training! She is a truly knowledgeable trainer who cares about teaching people what they need to know in the time frame they need it to be done. Whether it is in a group setting or one on one she has the patience of a saint. She dealt with people who are harder to teach or do not easily comprehend and had no problem "dumbing" it down for some us. :) Seriously best experience ever would give her 10 out of 10 but was only allowed 5”


  • A whole new level of connection!

    “Our company has taken advantage of Kathy's expertise on several occasions. Most recently we had her on site for a 'What's Your Genius' event. If you are not familiar with this particular training, I highly recommend you reach out to learn more. The impact from this one single event will have a butterfly effect on our business for years to come. I believe it is what will set our company apart from others in our marketplace. Our team was able to learn more about their natural talents, blind-spots, and communication style. This brought a new level of connection and passion for the company vision and each individuals role within that vision. Our increased level of communication with each other ultimately allows us to better serve our clients. Thanks Kathy!”

    Andrea Stephens

  • Kathy knows her stuff! She kept everyone’s attention over 2 days of training.

    “Kathy knows her stuff! She kept everyone’s attention over 2 days of training. She was unflappable in front of 9 service techs, and you know how tough that can be! We set up a difficult schedule and Kathy hung with it to get it all in. Worth the money and a good value. We can’t wait to get her back.”

    Eric Buchalter

  • Kathy Nielsen's coaching sessions were very beneficial!

    “Kathy Nielsen's coaching sessions were very beneficial! She brought down-to-earth suggestions that we could implement immediately. The training Kathy provided our technicians as a group was great; she was able to relate to them because of her background in the business. She gave the technicians very useful information about Service Titan which makes their job easier out in the field. Kathy's expertise with Service Titan is incredible. She showed us additional capabilities of the software which will definitely enhance the service we provide our customers. Kathy is a very valuable resource; I highly recommend her to any company wishing to grow and improve!”

    Mark Johnson

  • Fantastic trainer for ALL areas of our business!!

    “Kathy was amazingly able to relate and handle all challenges thrown at her during her 4 days with our company! She helped with training 50 technicians, 7 Sales, 8 CSR, 5 Admin with QuickBooks and Service Titan integration. Her up-beat yet direct way of presenting is GREAT. I will definitely contract with her again!!”

    Martha J

  • So grateful that I got to experience this training!

    “Kathy is an excellent trainer! Very personable and makes learning fun. I appreciated being able to learn from her and from the others in the classroom. I found it valuable to be able to bounce ideas and experiences off with others in my same job/position. Kathy even makes role-playing fun. Thank you for such a fantastic class, Kathy!”

    Tammi Runco

  • My hero!

    “Kathy's help with Service Titan and Quickbooks has given me a fresh outlook on both. I was extremely frustrated with not getting answers on issues in both software. Not only is she the most helpful trainer I have met, but she is also the most friendly, personable person I have met in a long time! Thank you Kathy!”


  • Hobaica

    “We are a 68 year old company with a lot of processing baggage. We have utilized many different software packages, developed processes & tracking systems for each. We had become inefficient with our office operations and were not utilizing our software effectively. Kathy spent 3 days with us and got us whipped into shape. Kathy made it look easy with no disruption and our team is much happier! Plus, Kathy saved us at a minimum of 10x our investment with her services. Kathy is well worth every penny and we will continue to use her services...Thank You Chicken Lady!”


  • I promise you all… She will not disappoint.

    “Kathy is an amazing business woman—-Who has been through it all. I can truly say I’ve never, met anyone as passionate and professional ! She simplifies some of the most difficult procedures, helps you individually… Team meetings, trainings and much more. We had the pleasure of having her in our Carnegie office, located near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania on September 5 and 6th. Honestly, if I had the ability to clone this woman-it would be on the top of my list! Ha ha. I would love to have her on my right shoulder at all times. She is TERRIFIC -down to earth, relatable and easy to talk to. Not to mention…efficiency-should be her middle name., She leads with excellence, and helps you and your team , find the path of least resistance-while remaining successful and profitable. If you’re interested in guidance, looking to boost your revenue, general advice, training ;team-building literally… There is literally NOTHNG she cannot tackle. Don’t hesitate, don’t procrastinate. Get in touch with her as soon as you can, she is such a busy woman, her value simply cannot be explained. I’ve tried, but I still feel like I haven’t said enough! THIS it’s a life-changing thing. Thank you Kathy ❤️for everything you’ve given us, you are without a doubt, 100% my spirit animal. I truly hope our paths cross again. Till we meet again—-✌🏻 I promise you all… She will not disappoint.”

    Maggie Mc

  • "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." -Michael Scott

    “What a sweet awakening this class is. Seriously, my newly perfected CSR skills make me feel like a rockstar, in and outside of my office life. Kathy helped me in so many ways just by doing what she loves, and sharing it with people who want to be exceptional. I wanted to be the best, and I'm so proud to say that this class brought the best out of me and into my work. Thank you so much Kathy and Dawn, and s/o to the graduated CSR Super Hero Bootcamp class of February 2020!!!”

    Brittany Hidrogo

  • My daily workflow is so much easier after you helped me understand the workflow of deposits from Service Titan into QuickBooks! Life changing!

    “I cannot tell you how much we gained from having you on-site for 3 days in August for Service Titan training and I am so looking forward to our 2-day on-site in December! Your understanding of our business and our industry made it so easy to work with you and learn from you! You made us feel very comfortable which is not always the case when getting help with software in our business. I trusted you when you said to forget about a lot of the spreadsheets I was so dependent on and I am so glad that I did! I am able to process our club membership billing and payments in less than 30 minutes total and it used to take me a VERY long time! (I'm embarrassed to say just how long! ) I am now able to spend so much more of my time working "on" the business vs. "in" the business! You were extremely great with our technicians, dispatchers and CCRs and related to them better than any other trainer we have ever experienced. You are a wealth of information and I appreciate all you have done for us!”

    Tammie Hedrick, Hedrick Mechanical

  • From one crazy chicken lady to another.

    “Kathy 's experience is top notch. Such a huge help for us. Wish we would have had her here months ago. Thank you so much for sharing your unicorn knowledge with”

    Michelle Walker

  • Kathy is an incredible trainer!

    “We met Kathy a few years ago at a training event, and since then we have had the privilege of working with her on several other occasions both on site and at her group training functions. Kathy’s ability to connect with a wide range of personalities adds tremendous value to her training. She is able to share information in a way where it can be absorbed and implemented immediately. Kathy is an incredible trainer!”

    Andrea R. Stephens – VP of Operations, Absolute Electrical Services

  • You engage your audience, use humor, and own the front of the room

    “My favorite thing about you is how you engage your audience, use humor, and own the front of the room. Too many presenters/trainers/etc. cannot do that, and you are tremendously engaging. Your experience with the industry and your grasp of the technology and how we can leverage that that technology in the office and field was probably the most valuable process for me. I personally got tremendous value on how you helped Lori and the accounting team because honestly, that’s my weakest area and not something I could’ve helped this with. Your insights from the DISC tests was tremendous in helping me structure some of my training that I facilitate, how I provide feedback, spread projects, and make reviews more individual. The DISC results were very beneficial to making sure I’m looking at individuals and not just people in a group. ”

    Ryan A Nelsch - Director of Operations, Quality First Plumbing

  • Great Investment!

    “Great Investment! Kathy helped us streamline our office, and explained new features with Service Titan that we where not even aware of yet, as well as unlocked new features that we didn't currently have access too. She greatly reduced the time it took us to do payroll by helping us implement a few changes in the way we did it. We are happy with the investment made to have her come to our shop. ”

    Michael Johnson

  • Advice that can be used instantly to improve the business

    “I would be honored for you to use any of my words and would be a happy to be a reference! Any company would benefit from your knowledge. You have a very "down to earth" way about you which makes everyone comfortable while you deliver advice that can be used instantly to improve the business. The best part is that you have "been there...done that"; your firsthand knowledge makes the information even more valuable! I also want to thank you for all of the advise and help you have given us over the last two days. Mark certainly did the right thing when he scheduled you to come this week. I believe the next few weeks will be a positive turning point for Mark Johnson Plumbing. You have helped the Johnsons make some tough decisions. Andy also asked me to express how much he learned from you today and that he believes in the structure, consistency, and standard operating practices you discussed with the technicians. There were several times during your presentation that we both wanted to say "AMEN"! ha!”

    Mary Null

  • CSR Bootcamp

    “Kathy is engaging, relatable and knowledgeable. She brings a level of professionalism along with a great deal of first hand experience in the service industry which adds to her overall credibility. I especially enjoyed the ability to participate in the class with her and other attendees. At the end of the two day CSR Superhero Bootcamp, I felt empowered and armed with actionable items ready to be implemented ASAP. Thank you!”

    Misty Rushing

  • Great Learning Experiance

    “I went to the CSR Boot camp in Texas and it was awesome. I learned a lot and how to handle situation with customers more effectively. Kathy is a great speaker and is very knowledgeable. This class was fun and very helpful. I would love to go to more of her classes!”

    Haley Davis

  • The only stupid question is one that didn't get asked...

    “Thoroughly enjoyed Kathy's class, and learned a lot! So many practical things to use that have changed the way that I deal with customers. and even co-workers/management. I give her an enthusiastic thumbs up! :-)”

    Kim W

  • It has been a great learning experience!

    “I have received my certificate and wanted to thank you for everything. It has been a great learning experience and everyone has seen my growth! I even had a chance to share what I learned with Jenny and Dennis.I am definitely grateful for the boot camp and trip to Iowa. I know our company will continue to recommend you in the future. I wish you the best this holiday season. Thank you so much again.”

    Albert Romero

  • Awesome from start to finish!

    “Kathy was an awesome trainer, she was able to help everyone throughout our company, from techs & CSR's to HR & owner / managers, we can't wait to have her back! Highly recommended, worth the wait and money!”


  • Lloyd’s Plumbing

    “Wow... Your knowledge on streamlining our software processes made life easier for our Team! Thank You!”

    Ryan Engelker

  • Totally Amazing Abilities

    “For months I had been struggling with an issue that no one had been able to address. I needed to create a special report in Service Titan for the HVAC department that I was beginning to actually believe was impossible. I was wrong! Once Kathy understood what information I needed to compile the report was built and ready to use in about 90 minutes. Months of trying on my own was done in 90 minutes! Just goes to show, if you need something done, bring the right people with the right knowledge and the right tools and it's done. The Chicken Lady rocks! Thank you for everything. Gunny.”


  • She is amazing

    “Kathy and her CSR boot camp taught me so much! She is amazing and so is her material! 10/10 would recommend!”

    Abby Reid

  • That whole Cinderella story…… had nothing to do with Prince Charming, it was all about the right shoe.

    “Kathy is an exceptional speaker. She kept the class engaged. I learned a lot about myself and how to communicate with others. I highly recommend attending any class that Kathy is speaking at!!”

    Renee K

  • Do the Math

    “Kathy = Friendly Queen of Service Titan and Operations Kathy + Triton Air = > return on investment :-) Kathy + Consulting you and your company = CONTACT HER NOW!”

    Mike Nicolai

  • Today's accomplishments were yesterdays Impossibilities

    “Just when we were ready to throw in the towel with Servicetitan, we found Kathy. She flew down to our humble establishment and trained my entire staff on what we thought we new but didn't. She listened to our pain points with this CRM, Looked within our settings and usage and then trained us all on how to correctly use what is a very expensive and difficult software. Truth is, she made it seem easy. We thank her for her knowledge and patience. Training staff, technicians and salespeople can always be a challenge, no less ownership. She went though our current operation and reset our process's to put us in the correct direction. Our long term hope is that we eventually get to a point where we are using this software to it's fullest and I am 100% confident that with her help, we will get there. Thank you again, Dave Molina CEO”


  • Loved it!!

    “I really loved the presentation Kathy makes it fun and interesting. I gathered so many information and I can't wait to share with my bosses and co-workers. I also earned a chicken doll. But besides that I highly recommend her.”


  • Great experience

    “Kathy is great! The CSR Superheros bootcamp she put on was a great experience. It was full of very great information.”